पुष्प विपणन समिति, आई ऍफ़ सी गाज़ीपुर, दिल्ली
राष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र दिल्ली सरकार

Flower Marketing Committee, IFC Ghazipur, Delhi
Govt. of NCT of Delhi



  • The Govt. of Delhi vide notification dated 17-01-1997 had declared whole area of the NCT of Delhi as market area for regulation of Flower trade. Vide notification dated 3-6-1997, Mehrauli was declared as Principal Yard of Flower and Fatehpuri as its subsidiary market. And, again vide notification dated 12-3-1998, Connaught place was also declared as sub-yard of Flower Market Mehrauli.

  • Earlier, the flower trade was scattered and was carried out from Mehrauli, Connaught place & Fatehpuri in open on the pieces of lands belonging to DDA, NDMC & MCD.

  • To consolidate the flower trade at one place and under one roof and to meet the growing requirement of the trade in the global context, all the three notified markets were de-notified vide notification dated 06.06.2011 and a temporary flower market was set up in the area of 1.5 acre at IFC Ghazipur, Delhi – 96 and declared as Principal Yard for Flower Marketing vide notification dated 01.08.2011.

  • The marketing committee has granted a total number of 412 licences (222 of A Category (Wholesalers) and 190 of B Category (Commission agents) and same numbers of phars were allotted to them in temporary market, Ghazipur, Delhi where the present trade is being carried out.

  • The Marketing committee has allotted in three types of shops in the market which are 52 nos. in “A” type size (3x4 Sq. mtr.), 137 nos. in “B” type size (2x4 Sq. mtr.) and 220 nos. in “C” type size (1.5x2 Sq. mtr.).

The flowers are mainly received from the following countries/state